How to Stock Your Whisky Bar

A home bar is every whisky lover’s dream. Practicality and personal taste are important when stocking your own whisky bar and ultimately it is up to you to choose what you want. But for now who cares about how much space you have, prices or practicality. Join me in whisky dreamland as I take you through everything that the ultimate home whisky bar should have.





Obviously a whisky bar needs whisky but don’t make the mistake of picking brands that you think will be good based on their price, or that you hope will impress your friends. Your whisky bar is a chance to share with your family and friends your personal tastes so pick ones that you like. As well as your own personal favourites, make sure your bar has the ingredients necessary to make the classic whisky cocktails such as the Rob Roy, the Godfather and Rusty Nail. If you have your own favourite whiskies and the necessary items to make the classic cocktails, you can’t go wrong.




Every whisky bar has to have old fashioned tumblers, these are the glasses glamorised by the movies and used by people like Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill – which means they have a level of cool that no whisky bar should be without.


The ultimate whisky bar would not be complete without some proper sniffer glasses as well. Sniffer glasses are what whisky experts use to drink their scotch so don’t deny yourself what the pros use. You’re on your way to becoming a pro yourself. Their elegant tulip shape adds a level of class to any whisky experience. If you want to take the level of elegance up a notch then a nice addition to these glasses is a decanter. Decanters are great pieces to have as they allow your whisky to breathe releasing more flavours. Not to mention they look awesome.


As well as old fashioned tumblers and sniffer glasses, high ball glasses are useful to have available as they are the ideal size and shape for any whisky cocktail. If you stock your whisky bar with all of these, you’ll never have to worry about not having the right glass.




Ice is a controversial subject amongst whisky lovers, with many experts arguing that it ruins the taste. However, the ultimate whisky bar isn’t a place where you go for a scotch on the rocks and can’t have it. If you want ice, you must have ice. Regular everyday ice is boring, spherical ice balls are much more fun and will give your bar the wow factor. But, if you are totally against having ice in your scotch then whisky stones are a good alternative. Unlike ice, whisky stones don’t dilute the spirit as they are cubes of solid soapstone. Having either of these available is sure to impress any of your guests.




Which mixers you choose to stock your bar with depends on which drinks and cocktails you are likely to make. Nevertheless, no whisky bar should be without coke, lemonade, and soda water.


Remember, your bar can be whatever you want it to be. Take this guide as your inspiration and get started on your own.



How to Stock Your Whisky Bar