Five classic albums that go perfectly with a good Scotch



Music can either create moods or match perfectly with them. If that sounds familiar, it’s because a good scotch can do the same. When you put music and whisky together only beautiful things can happen so, here are five classic albums that pair perfectly with a good Scotch.




1. Neil Young: Harvest Moon


When you want to sit quietly, reflect on the day and enjoy a glass of Scotch by yourself there’s no better soundtrack to that mood than Harvest Moon. With its hushed acoustic melodies and the lone tenor voice of Neil Young it’s a superb album to relax and enjoy your own company. Just you, your whisky and Neil. Perfect.




2. Eddie Vedder: Into the Wild


Eddie Vedder’s interpretation of a young traveller on a mission to live life in nature is both beautiful and uplifting. Skilfully avoiding melancholy, the soundtrack to the movie Into The Wild is minimalistic but fulfilling. The ukulele notes make what could be a heavy album feel light. This lightness paired with a great whisky will fill you with fire to take on whatever challenges are coming your way.




3. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue


Commonly regarded as one of the greatest jazz albums Davis’s upbeat melodies are great backing music for enjoying a whisky with friends. Laid back and happy, Kind of Blue lures you in slowly with piano sounds and a good bass for the first track ‘So What’ and keeps you in a state of easy relaxation for the rest of the album. What better atmosphere to set the tone for an evening with good company.




4. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago


Left alone with his guitar and memories Justin Vernon’s debut as Bon Iver for this album is one that it is hard not to find enchanting. ‘Skinny Love’ and ‘For Emma’ encapsulate the emotions that Vernon was working through whilst writing. An album to behold Vernon’s music creates a moving atmosphere that it’s hard not to enjoy.




5. The Black Keys: El Camino


El Comino is the album you tune into when you’re looking for some fun. Tracks like ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ with its rousing guitar and drumbeats are a great soundtrack for an evening with friends and whisky. The garage rock band style of The Black Keys can’t help but pump excitement into the air. Match this with a good scotch you can’t help but imagine yourself on stage, guitar and whisky glass in hand.

Five classic albums that go perfectly with a good Scotch