Find the Perfect Snack to go with your Scotch



Strong cheeses deserve a strong drink. Mature cheddar or blue cheese work well with spicy whiskies. For softer cheeses like brie, sweeter scotches work best. The smooth scotch emphasises the creaminess of the brie making the whole experience delicious.




Is there anything better than chocolate? Yes. Whisky and chocolate. Whisky is a great complimentary addition to have with chocolate. Dark chocolate brings out the flavours in more nutty whiskeys. Sweeter whiskeys with milk chocolate make excellent desserts.




Tangy fruits like apples or pears are a great compliment to whisky. However, avoid fruits that contain too much citrus as these mask the whisky’s flavour. A cheeseboard with apples and a glass of whisky is an excellent ending to any meal.




Next time you have smoked ribs try them with a glass of scotch. The smoky scotch intensifies the flavours of the ribs. Or, if you want to take your steak to a new level of flavour try it with a glass of scotch.




An excellent food and drink pairing is salmon and Scotch. Both from Scotland these two are meant to be together. Salmon that has a sweet glaze is a great partner to a smoky whisky as it creates complex flavours or sweet and tangy that you have to try.



Find the Perfect Snack to go with your Scotch