A Guide to Malta’s Most Interesting Whisky Bars

Sometimes a glass of whisky at home or in the hotel bar simply doesn’t cut it. Here are a few of the more interesting whisky bars on the island for you to try.




The Thirsty Barber


When you need a good night out with your friends and you want something different The Thirsty Barber on Ball Street in St Julian’s is a good choice. Based on the popular speak-easy bars that originated in America’s prohibition-era The Thirsty Barber is decorated with 1920s theme. More importantly, the menu has a ‘whisky station’ with different brands and blends of Scotch from all over the world for you to try. In true speakeasy fashion, they don’t let just anyone in so make sure you pre-book if you want to see what this unique bar has to offer.






You’ve just finished work on a Friday and you want a drink. More specifically, you want a whisky and so do your colleagues. If this is the case then you need to head to StrEat in Valletta. Located on the historically notorious Strada Stretta, the self-proclaimed ‘original whisky bar’ combines the daytime café atmosphere with an evening bar feel. Open every day until 1am and 2am on Saturdays, StrEat is a cool venue that allows you to stay late if you want to really un-wind at the end of the day. As well as a variety of whiskies, StrEat serves awesome burgers and food should the idea of cooking for yourself feel like too much after a long week of working.




The Electro Lobster Project


The Electro Lobster Project has a restaurant upstairs and a bar/club venue downstairs, making it an ideal place to be if you want to go with the flow of whatever mood takes you. Their lounge-bar boasts the biggest selection of whisky on the island which you can sip whilst overlooking the beautiful Balluta Bay. Or, if you want something more exciting the Electro Lobster Project regularly holds live music gigs and DJ events, as well as comedy nights and outdoor movie screenings. A great atmosphere and great venue the Electro Lobster Project is a cool place for whisky, food, dancing - or all three.


A Guide to Malta’s Most Interesting Whisky Bars